In every style of music there comes along a band that goes against the grain. With the release of their second album Bourbon & Gasoline, Doghouse Rose has created a sound that’s been described as “Country-Rockabilly-Pop-Punk-Trash” or what they call Rebel Country. Drawing influences from delta blues, old school country, punk and psychobilly they can be considered country’s newest punk rockers.

This strange blend makes them right at home sharing stages with bands like The Mahones, The Creepshow, and the 69 Cats

Carving their own path every step of the way, these road warriors cause a stir wherever they land. From maximum security prisons, honky tonks, festivals, and divey bars, this sweaty and trashy, dark and broody yet somehow wholesome foursome of whiskey loving rebels will have you line dancing one minute and moshing the next.