The Thomas Toussaint Band is everything but your day-to-day ensemble; a young and fresh group pushing the boundaries of the genre without losing its essence.

This tribute band isn’t after playing Muddy’s tunes note-for-note; its objective is to bring the vibe and character of Muddy Waters’ band to the table. It’s more about feel and groove than anything else.

Depending on the available facilities at the venue, the show can be supported with live footage from the original Muddy Waters Blues Band from different eras with different musicians to give it another dimension.

The band:

  • Robbert Fossen (vocals, guitar)
  • Lothar Wijnvoord (guitar)
  • Thomas Toussaint (harmonica, vocals)
  • Dave Warmerdam (piano, vocals)
  • Lars E. Hoogland (bass)
  • Lars Hoogland (drums)

“Robbert Fossen and Thomas Toussaint make a vigorous duo that brings in-depth Chicago Blues to the table. Most effective guitar playing, vocals with tremendous perception, a steady kick drum with devilish harmonica playing; this duo’s got it all!”