Since The Unforgiven started playing in 2000, the band have built a solid reputation as a tribute band with a great live performance. Over the years they have played many different stages all over Europe in front of crowds up to 12.000 dedicated fans.

There is only one Metallica and that of course is Metallica themselves. The Unforgiven brings a tribute to these Gods of metal. They try to achieve a perfect performance of the Metallica songs with their dynamic and energetic live shows. And they succeed time after time as one of the best tribute acts in Europe.

Rocking hard is what The Unforgiven does best. They take their audiences on a trip through 25 years of history of the most influential metalband in the world. Both the most beautiful ballads (Nothing Else Matters/The Unforgiven) and the fastest songs (Blackened/Damage Inc.) will be played. Apart from the biggest hits (One/Enter Sandman) The Unforgiven also plays it’s very own Metallica Medley. Both the most dedicated Metallica fans and the true music lovers will enjoy this trip.



  • Roel van Hees: Vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Hans Bongers: Lead Guitar
  • Lex Vermazen: Bass guitar
  • Kris Boenders: Drums